Now where did I put that change???

In December of 2016, a young woman delivering a pizza to a Las Cruces home was unpleasantly surprised when a man inside opened the door completely nude. He explained to the mortified young woman that he had just stepped out of the shower and didn’t want to miss getting delivery of his snack. The young woman, however, observed that neither the man’s hair nor rest of his body was wet and he did not have a towel that might have easily been grabbed on his rush to the door.

Unfazed, and apparently hoping for additional “garnishment,” the naked man asked the woman to wait for him in the doorway while he looked for some change to tip her. Thankfully, the young woman was able to quickly flee and did not provide any unsavory details about how he might have rooted around for change on his naked body. Since he had apparently paid in advance for the pizza by credit card, Police were easily able to identify and arrest him and the young woman was spared the indignity of having to describe any physical features of the perpetrator.

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