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Our old Underwood typewriter, waiting for a fresh ribbon

E.T., Phone Alamogordo…

I wrote a blog earlier about how a bunch of Atari video games had been buried in a landfill near Alamogordo as the company was slowly dying in the early 1980s. Sources say 29 truckloads or almost 800,000 games which could not be sold were dumped in the Alamogordo landfill apparently because the company wasContinue reading “E.T., Phone Alamogordo…”

We won’t get a great rating on our squirrel airbnb…

Our semi-rural neighborhood has always had lots of critters running around in it — skunks, raccoons, foxes, squirrels and even an occasional javelina. It makes the place interesting as long as they don’t invade the house, spray our dog Chester or dig up the yard. Three weeks ago, we went on a week-long trip toContinue reading “We won’t get a great rating on our squirrel airbnb…”

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