E.T., Phone Alamogordo…

I wrote a blog earlier about how a bunch of Atari video games had been buried in a landfill near Alamogordo as the company was slowly dying in the early 1980s. Sources say 29 truckloads or almost 800,000 games which could not be sold were dumped in the Alamogordo landfill apparently because the company wasContinue reading “E.T., Phone Alamogordo…”

We won’t get a great rating on our squirrel airbnb…

Our semi-rural neighborhood has always had lots of critters running around in it — skunks, raccoons, foxes, squirrels and even an occasional javelina. It makes the place interesting as long as they don’t invade the house, spray our dog Chester or dig up the yard. Three weeks ago, we went on a week-long trip toContinue reading “We won’t get a great rating on our squirrel airbnb…”

No politics, just ailments…

I attended a high school reunion in my home town Ruidoso last weekend, It’s the third or fourth one I’ve been to in the past several years. This one marked our 75th birthdays. Usually, these events revolve around just two questions: “Do you remember when we … ? or “Whatever happened to old so-and-so… ?Continue reading “No politics, just ailments…”

You heard about it here first!!!

You may remember that earlier this year I wrote posts about how Mexican bologna was being smuggled into the United States, much of it through New Mexico. U.S. Customs officials said smuggled bologna was a threat to all Americans and said it was “not funny” that people were making jokes about it. I mean really,Continue reading “You heard about it here first!!!”

The Ford F-150 of Orange County California…

If you live in New Mexico, you either own a Ford F-150 pickup, will own one someday or know about dozen people who already own one. I think on birth certificates issued in New Mexico, there is a box you have to check that says that at some point, you promise that this child willContinue reading “The Ford F-150 of Orange County California…”

Did I just get a job offer with a big $$$ signing bonus?

I got a letter last week with the return address for the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions on the left upper side of the envelope. It was a window envelope with what looked like a check of some sort inside. Woohoo, I thought. I savagely ripped open the envelope expecting to find a fatContinue reading “Did I just get a job offer with a big $$$ signing bonus?”

Mosquitos beware…

You’ll need to take a long breath before reading the topic of this newly patented research project by the Colorado State University Research Foundation and Pebble Labs of Los Alamos, New Mexico. Here goes: “A system for the biocontrol of disease-transmitting mosquitoes and their eggs using horizontally transferable symbiotic bacteria to deliver pathogen specific interferingContinue reading “Mosquitos beware…”

Is that a pet rock or Uncle Vern?

If you pay taxes in New Mexico, part of what you sent to the state is now going to help an unusual new industry. The industry, under the name “Parting Stone,” was recently given a $175,000 state economic development grant through the Local Economic Development Act to make sure the start-up business flourishes at itsContinue reading “Is that a pet rock or Uncle Vern?”

Spelll checkqer doesn’;t weork hear..

I got comments from two friends about my blog regarding how the name of the city of Albuquerque (or Albuqueque or Alburquerque) seems to have missed the spell-checker when it was printed on a directional sign erected by the New Mexico Highway Department. Here’s the link to that post, if you missed it: wordpress.com/post/aero-cordero.com/3570 First,Continue reading “Spelll checkqer doesn’;t weork hear..”

Cirsium vinaceum…

I hoped that headline would get your attention. It’s the scientific name a spectacular variety of purple thistle that grows only along the waterways and canyons in the Sacramento Mountains of southeastern New Mexico. The common name is “Sacramento thistle.” I’ve always appreciated these plants with their purple puff-ball flower, sometimes growing as tall asContinue reading “Cirsium vinaceum…”

Is it my car registration or a job offer?

Supply chain issues have been popping up everywhere as a result of the pandemic. Recently, one showed up in our state government that I suspect many people didn’t anticipate. This one affected the Motor Vehicle Department. Those of us who have lived in New Mexico for years have stories to tell about the continuing bumblingContinue reading “Is it my car registration or a job offer?”

Trademark pending???

You might have read recently that THE Ohio State University has trademarked the use of the word “THE” when the school is referenced. The presumptuous move supposedly means no other university can use the word “THE” (all caps, please) when referring to the institution. Hence, there can be no “THE University of Humor Impaired ofContinue reading “Trademark pending???”

Why “R” people having so much trouble spelling this town’s name?

East of Albuquerque, along Interstate 40 near Sedillo Hill, the New Mexico Highway Department placed a directional sign at an exit showing a town named “Albuqueque” was thataway. Clearly, when the signmaker produced the sign, he or she didn’t notice that the letter “R” had been dropped from the name of the state’s largest city.Continue reading “Why “R” people having so much trouble spelling this town’s name?”

A ministry of exposure…

As with most cities these days, we’ve seen an influx of homeless people. Because of the inviting shady and lush green park on the east side of our church, St. James Episcopal, we’ve been an especially popular place for the homeless during our recent heat wave. One homeless visitor to the church was particularly entertainingContinue reading “A ministry of exposure…”