The callipygous need not apply…

Yes, that’s a real word. I found it on a “Word-A-Day” calendar many years ago and immediately stored it in my twisted memory. It’s something that applies to J.Lo’s famous posterior.

What brings up the subject is a sign that I spotted many years ago in front of a home on far North Fourth Street in Albuquerque.

It seems that the owner of the home had established a taxidermy business in a building or garage tucked discreetly in the back of his neatly kept property. The sign, which the owner apparently didn’t fully vet in his rush to announce his business, simply said:

“Taxidermy in Rear”

As one who has suffered the indignity of not having much of a butt over the years, I might have briefly considered visiting the business for some artificial and permanent “enhancement.” But I’m also sure that I would have quickly concluded that such a procedure would have rendered me being even more of a pain in my own butt than I already am.

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