Benefits for a burger…

Earlier this year, a female undercover police officer in Albuquerque, posing as a prostitute, was approached by a man seeking her “services.” The man explained that he wouldn’t get his paycheck until Friday and wondered if he could make a deal. Observing that the man had just purchased a hamburger, the officer suggested a trade — a Big Mac for time in the sack? Or maybe his “Whopper” would do the “trick?” Or if the burger was a “Double” or a “Triple” from Wendy’s, he might knock in some extra runs. At any rate, before the deal was finalized, she revealed her true identity and promptly arrested him for soliciting. It’s not known if his tater tots were part of the deal, in which case he could have traded a “Tit for a Tat(-er tot).” (Okay, I admit that was pretty lame).

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