They should patent this password…

There is a neighborhood Mexican restaurant/carryout in our neighborhood that is much beloved for many reasons. Their carne adovada burritos are tops, rolled tacos were once voted best in the city and their folded tacos come with double crunchy shells (probably to prevent them from dissolving from the ample grease — er, I meant juice that drips from the ground beef. (probably 60-40 at best). And of course, it’s pretty cheap.

Perhaps its most interesting culinary feature is the shredded cheese-like product sprinkled liberally on just about everything edible at the restaurant. Affectionately known as “mystery cheese” by the locals, it is heaped on tacos, rolled tacos, burritos etc. from a large metal pan at the end of the food assembly line. Yes, it’s yellow and kind of looks and tastes like cheese, but I question whether a cow was ever involved in its production. It does have some good melting properties, but so does shredded plastic. I still love it.

I won’t name the place for fear it will be “discovered” by trend-seeking outsiders, and more likely because they might take exception to some of my descriptions. But what they serve is extremely tasty (if not always healthy) and I’m sad to say that I haven’t been there is several months because of the COVID-19 situation.

Late last year, however, this humble eatery moved into the modern era with the announcement to customers that they now have their own wi-fi hotspot. The best part of that high-tech advancement is the password to gain access to the wireless network, as shown below:

Network and restaurant name redacted for fear of it becoming a trendy upscale cuisine destination, but highly appropriate password is proudly displayed

2 thoughts on “They should patent this password…

  1. Sounds like a great place to eat- like it’s from The Kitchen of families who had authentic recipes passed on from generation to generation 💃🏻Ole


  2. Heuvos Rancheros, rojo, carne, frijoles double, sin arroz, dos heuvos estrellados…muy rico e lo major para recuperation de la anesthesia, o… una resaca


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