I wonder what they thought when he showed up at the emergency room…

I looked in my “Why I Love New Mexico” file from five years ago to find this story out of Clovis.

A completely naked man was found standing in the middle of a busy Clovis street, ranting about the state of the world. A policeman with his body camera on stopped his cruiser and stepped out to try to persuade the man to move out of the street. The naked man seized the opportunity and jumped into the still idling police cruiser and streaked (yes, pun intended) off in the vehicle, leaving the dumbfounded policeman and body camera watching the car fade into the distance. The man eventually showed up at a local hospital where, hopefully, they put a gown on him that at least covered his frontal region.

I’m not sure what eventually happened to either the “streaker” or the police officer, but I can speculate. I’m sure the streaker was charged with resisting an officer, stealing a police vehicle and impersonating an officer without wearing a proper uniform (if there is such a crime). The officer, no doubt, was admonished for leaving his vehicle unattended but maybe given a medal for his role in removing a public eyesore.

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