Sept. 21 update on Hannah…

Hannah and Hayes on a trip to the Gila last fall

Things are looking up for Hannah. She has gone 48 hours without any symptoms of COVID-19 — temperature normal, blood oxygen normal, no coughs, aches, etc. Her parents and Hayes are getting tested this week for the virus. If everything is okay, they will be back to normal — whatever that is these days — by Friday.

For those of you who are inclined to think “see, it was no big deal, no worse than the ‘common cold,'” please consider these points. Her parents (and grandparents) have been under incredible stress and anxiety for the last week. They had to take even more extreme measures to isolate themselves. They are still not absolutely sure she is out of the woods. And we still don’t know for certain what kinds of long-range effects this virus may have on anyone. Others in the household may still become infected. For those of you who are focused on financial issues, consider how much time and cost this one case has placed on the medical system. Then multiply it by more than 6.8 million cases so far in the United States alone. So please, take this seriously and wear a mask until we get through this.

Now on a funny note last Saturday, Hannah’s blood oxygen level had fallen below what medical experts say is normal. At home, they had been measuring the blood oxygen level with a finger clip-on monitor. Earlier that day, Hannah had decided it was time to paint her fingernails with a sparkly fingernail polish — most likely pink or purple, knowing her preferences. They took her to the doctor and used a more professional instrument to measure her blood oxygen level and found that everything was fine. I mentioned the story to our physician friend who lives across the street, and he laughed, saying it was a “classic” case of fingernail polish, particularly of the sparkly variety, interfering with the reading. “It happens all the time,” he chuckled.

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