A quick update on this site…

I have changed the e-mail address you can use to contact me through this website. The new address is:


While I’m flattered that I have a few souls who look periodically at my website and my blog, it’s been interesting to see that some vistors have come from China, India, Nigeria and France. I suspect these views are from nefarious people who hope I’m going to accidentally drop my Social Security number, bank account and credit card number somewhere in my posts. Or maybe they just want to know what a normal, boring American is thinking these days.

At any rate, if you worry about any of your information being compromised by leaving a message on my site, I am assured by the well-established company which hosts it, WordPress, that your comments are seen only by me and nothing you have sent can be compromised.

Thanks for reading and please send me your thoughts about anything I write. I’m not fishing for compliments — just want to know what you think and if I’ve offended anyone.

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