A thrill ride that was over the moon…

Last year, an Albuquerque Fire Department commander saw someone “unofficial” jump into his “official” SUV command vehicle and drive away in a hurry as if — well you guessed it — he was rushing to a fire.

Police were summoned to track down the vehicle when they heard reports of a red SUV blasting through the city with lights flashing and siren wailing. Police eventually spotted it weaving through traffic, although most motorists probably thought it was the real deal and gave the vehicle a wide berth as it zipped by. Police gave chase, which I’m sure confused observers who wondered why cops were after the fire department — departmental jealousy over who had the loudest siren perhaps?

Image result for fire department vehicles
Not the real vehicle stolen, but similar, I assume.

As the chase ensued, the Fire Department vehicle nicked several other vehicles en route, then turned into a cul-de-sac.

Realizing he was done for, the perpetrator emerged from the vehicle to surrender, only to offer one last act of defiance. He turned around facing away from the police with hands in the air, as if signaling defeat. But then at the last minute he dropped his pants and mooned the cops who were “on his tail.”

Okay, I confess that was a really bad pun, but hey, you didn’t have to pay anything to read this. “:^) Have a great day and keep your mask (and your pants) on.

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