I’ll bet they’re glad it didn’t call shotgun…

In 2012, a sheriff’s deputy in Luna County spotted a battered vintage Honda Civic driving erratically and carrying four passengers — one of them rather unusual looking.

He stopped the very small car and found two men in the front seat and another man in the back seat. The man in the back seat was clutching a 220-pound calf in an already cramped space.

Image result for calf in car
No, not the actual calf, but I’m sure it was at least this tight in the back seat.

The sheriff’s deputy promptly arrested the three men for suspicion of cattle rustling. I’m assuming the calf was released on its own recognizance and hopefully returned to its rightful owner in an appropriate and cow-dignified ride — something like a three-quarter ton a Ford F-250.

Assuming the already marginal Honda Civic was seized during the arrest, I’m sure the cost of cleaning up the interior far outweighed its value. And speaking of weight, I’m sure its springs were shot too.

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