Throw me a bone wasn’t such a bad thing in Vaughn…

In the chaos surrounding our election, you may have missed the story about a French bulldog named Wilber being elected as mayor of the town of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky.

Well, Rabbit Hash, Kentucky has nothing over Vaughn, New Mexico in efforts to empower four-legged furry friends.

In 2012, a police offer in the tiny central New Mexico town stepped down after he pleaded guilty to charges of assault and battery.

Then, to make matters worse, the police chief was charged with selling a rifle owned by the police department and pocketing the money for his own use. He was forced to resign.

That left Nikka, a certified and deputized drug sniffing dog, as the only remaining official member of the Vaughn Police Department.

I’m not sure how long Nikka stayed in her position of acting chief and what crimes she may have solved during her tenure, but the pooch probably saved town a lot of overtime pay by just accepting a few Milk-Bone treats now and then for her duties. And it’s not clear she ever learned how to drive the town’s squad car. If she did, I’ll bet her growl and a bark were more effective than the unit’s siren.

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