A great idea from a good friend…

Wish I could say I thought of this, but I got it from an Instagram post by my long-time work associate, Andrea.

If you’re like us, we have a steady stream of deliveries at our door because of COVID-19 restrictions, and with the holidays we’re getting even more deliveries. These people are working late into the evening, they’re at our door and gone so fast that we never have time to say thanks. And we’re especially grateful to our USPS route driver, Lillian, who never fails to give our dog, Chester, a snack.

Understanding how hard these delivery folks are working, Andrea set up a snack bucket outside her front door as a simple way to thanks for their work during this difficult time. We’ve done the same and I’ve posted a couple of pictures of our “thank you bucket.” And thank you, Andrea, for a great idea.

Our front door and “thank you bucket.”
Sign for the “thank you bucket.”

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