Actually, my neighbor and I might have a use for it…

In a recent post, I quoted the late cartoonist Walt Kelly about never lacking sources for stories in his clever cartoon “Pogo.”

“I came to understand that if I were looking for comic material, I would never have to look long,” he said. “The news of the day would be enough.”

I’ve taken that a bit further in that I have found a lot of material for blogs in the want-ad or legals section of the daily newspaper.

Consider, for example, something I stumbled upon last week. It was in the legals section of the Albuquerque Journal want ads, announcing that the contents of various storage units would be auctioned off because the renter had abandoned the property or failed to pay rent.

In Unit #B100, these items were listed for auction:

“Boxes, clothes, stuffed animal, TOILET SEAT, personal pictures.”

It didn’t say the toilet seat was new or used, although I suspect the later. And why would that be enough of a treasure to stash away in hopes that someday it might become a family heirloom?

Well, maybe my next door neighbor and I should bid on it. You see, several years ago a toilet seat mysteriously appeared on top of the rock wall between our two homes and has become known as the “Table of Friendship.” (I can neither confirm nor deny my involvement in its appearance). It has been the gathering point for me and the world’s best next door neighbor to discuss various events of the day, share food we’ve grilled or smoked in our back yards and a holding place for lubricating drinks while we solve the world’s and our neighborhood’s issues.

As you can tell by these photos, exposure to the elements has not been kind to this once proud solid oak fixture, and it is clearly past time to replace it. Even my application of duct tape has not been able to save it from the embarrassment of aging.

So next time my neighbor appears at this sadly deteriorating display of tackiness, perhaps we’ll initiate a discussions about making a bid. I think a few more rounds of drinks might be in order, however. We have time. There’s no rain or snow in the forecast.

2 thoughts on “Actually, my neighbor and I might have a use for it…

  1. As a former realtor, I would always try to share with a Buyer any useful information that I knew about the neighborhood they were considering and, if known, highlight any of its neighbors. I can say that when we purchased our home, we really lucked out when were “joined at the wall” with Pat & Margo. We have watched out after each other for many years but more importantly, we have laughed, talked about our kids/grandkids, hyped Nebraska football, have had a number of drinks and have shared new grill techniques. A common toilet seat serving as our friendship table seems appropriate as we never really solve anything or may not always agree in all our discussions. Yet always, we come back to the table…to laugh some more and enjoy true neighbors.


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