Maybe it wasn’t an accident…

During my years as a journalist reporting on the New Mexico Legislature, there was an oft told joke around the capitol that many of the lawmakers were elected to their posts simply because local constituents just wanted them out of town for a month or two.

I had great respect for many of the legislators on both sides of the aisle who did their jobs well and had the best interests of the citizens of New Mexico in mind. There were, however, a few oddballs that fit the joke.

Last week, someone must have taken the joke a bit more seriously. It seems that an Albuquerque TV station discovered that the emergency exits inside the Roundhouse had been locked from the inside during business hours. With the capitol already on lockdown because of pandemic protocols, it became even more difficult for lawmakers to make a quick getaway.

Once the incident was reported, the locked exits were quickly unlocked so certain legislators could return home to annoy their constituents.

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