Maybe this guy had a cousin in Clovis…

About six months ago, I wrote about a guy in Clovis who was standing naked on a street corner and ranting about various injustices when city police stopped and tried to diffuse the situation. The naked perp managed to jump into a still-running police unit and streak (pun intended) off to the hospital, where he turned himself in. This happened about six years ago

Well, Omaha, Nebraska, seems to have had a similar incident just last week.

Police responded to reports of a naked man running along a downtown street and damaging vehicles. When they arrived, they spotted him on top of a semitrailer truck.

Confronted, he leaped off the truck to jump into a waiting police cruiser and sped away, crashing into several other cars and objects before his arrest.

I have to believe it had something to do with New Mexico. I’ve written several blog posts in the last year of naked people doing strange things in our state. From a rugby player I knew who stripped naked in the back of a pickup truck to wave at passers by on I-10 to a naked man who confronted traffic control cameras in Santa Fe, I think New Mexico just invokes this kind of weirdness. I believe the freedom of our wide open spaces invokes the need to strip down to basics and just let it go. I think the guy in Omaha must have passed through the Land of Enchantment at some time in his past and was infected by our lust for the au natural.

So far, I’ve been able to keep my wits — and my clothes — about me. Except for the time I participated in a Zulu War Dance ritual after scoring a “try” in a rugby match. But that’s another story for another time.

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