I missed the anniversary…

June 5, 2020 — my first blog post on my website. I was thinking that it was sometime in the middle of June, so I decided to look it up this morning.

So since that date, I’ve posted 146 blogs. I hope a few of them were entertaining to you and I really hope none were offensive. And thanks for reading them.

What occurred to me was that the date, June 5, is one I always remember. On June 5, 1967, the infamous raid on the Rio Arriba Courthouse in Tierra Amarilla occurred. I was in college at the time, but already working as a journalist.

The raid occurred when a group of armed gunmen took over the town of Tierra Amarilla during a legal proceeding involving the murder of a county jailer, Eulogio Salazar. The death was linked to a movement led by Reies Lopez Tijerina to reclaim Spanish Land Grants in northern New Mexico, but the murder was never solved.  A colleague and good friend, Larry Calloway, was a reporter for United Press International at the time, and was calling in a story from a phone booth outside the courthouse when he was approached at gunpoint and held captive briefly.

Because I later wrote so many stories about the incident and the various legal maneuverings involved, that date has stuck in my memory.

So now, I’ll also remember it was the date when I started my blog.

Again, thanks for reading and, as always, I appreciate any comments or observations you have.

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