Two years and oinking along…

Two years ago today, a surgeon stitched a pig heart valve into my heart to replace a  recalcitrant aortic valve that hiccupped along for more years than it should have lasted.

I’m still doing fine, maybe slowing down a bit, but that’s probably just age related. All of us Boomers feel like we’ll never get old. Many of us embrace science when it comes to things like climate change or vaccines, but I suspect that most of us Boomers refuse to accept the inevitable science of creeping geezerness.

At any rate, thanks to all of you who occasionally ask how I’m doing. I’m fortunate that the rest of me is in good shape for my age, other than a few aching joints in the mornings and after long rides in the car. And I’m especially fortunate to have a wonderful wife who tries to make sure I eat right, exercise frequently and don’t drink too much red wine (although I try to convince her that red wine is a beneficial medication.)

Here’s a photo of me holding the pillow they gave me two years ago after the surgery. It’s holding up well too, except perhaps for some random red wine stains. “:^)

Okay, maybe my hair is a bit grayer. I blame that on having my grandkids here for a good part of the summer.

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