Pre-K perspectives…

Yeah, I know almost every one of you readers has cute grandkid stories. But bear with me on this one — it’s about what a class of pre-kindergarten kids had to say after one full week in school.

Last week, students in my youngest grandson’s class were learning about each other and the families of the other kids in the pre-K group. At the end of the week, they were asked to list what they loved. The kids’ answers were written on a white board and a picture of the board was sent to the parents.

The answers were pretty funny and touching at the same time.

One said what she loved most was her mother and another said it was her sister. Another said he liked eating breakfast with his brother. Others liked various parts of their body, predictably naming hands  and eyes. One liked her neck and another her ankles. Quite honestly, I can’t think of when I ever thought much about how my ankles looked except perhaps when I twisted one and it became fat and purple.

Our youngest grandson just turned three. When our two older grandsons were about the same age, they all became infatuated with large moving machinery. My oldest loved fire trucks and garbage trucks, our second oldest had a fascination with tractors. Our youngest gets excited about construction vehicles.

So it came as no surprise that what he listed as loving was “excavators.”

A couple of other “loves” were pretty amusing.

Now I’m trying to be sensitive about gender identity, but I thought it amusing that a child named Bernie said his/her/their favorite item was a “senorita dress.” Bernie could be short for Bernadette or Bernard — it doesn’t matter as long as he/she/they feel good about a party dress.

But I can only imagine the chagrin of a mother who read her child’s top thing they loved as “being able to wipe myself.”

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