There’s a website used mostly by car nerds looking for classic or collector cars called Bring A Trailer, or BaT, as it’s referred to in gearhead jargon. Here’s the website:


After spotting the vehicle below in my neighborhood today, I’m wondering if someone has started a new website called “Bring Your Own Tires and Wheels.”

This late 80s vintage Toyota pickup truck has everything you need to become a classic — except for tires and wheels. It’s held off the ground by four jacks and has a “FOR SALE” license plate on the front. The undercarriage has been nicely sprayed with new black paint, possibly to fool someone into mistaking the black space as tires.

Well, you probably couldn’t roll it onto a trailer

It reminded me of another pickup I spotted in town sometime last year that was for sale but lacking something most people might want — doors.

But at least you could get this onto a trailer…

Which brings me to ponder the mindset of people in our town who are trying to sell vehicles missing obviously important components. I guess we should be glad they’re not trying to sell airplanes without wings. 

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