Just in time for Christmas…

I spotted this fireworks combination pack a couple of weeks ago while traveling along I-10 east of Deming at the Bowlin’s Akela Flats store. The store has all kinds of interesting and unusual (some might say tacky) kitsch for sale, none of which I wanted except possibly for this. It’s the largest fireworks combo pack I’ve ever seen. 

The GODFATHER fireworks pack. About six feet tall!

For only $799, you can have the Godfather package of fireworks. Among the individual pyrotechnic marvels are “Frat Party,” “La Famiglia,” Dragon’s Breath,” “Shark Bite,” “Spider Web,” “The Freak” and “God Bless America.” 

I don’t think I can legally shoot any of these off in my neighborhood, but if you think you can get away with it where you live, let me know and I might split the cost with you. 

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