Is that a weapon in your pocket or are you just here to repair something?

In July, a man entered a Walgreen’s in Las Cruces, jumped up on the check out counter, demanded money from the cash register and then reached in his pocket to brandish — well, not a gun or knife but a screwdriver.

The tool-wielding robber told the cashier at the counter that the store owed him money. The cool-headed cashier said he couldn’t open the cash register and suggested the man speak with the store manager.

The manager was summoned and the would-be robber then demanded a pack of cigarettes. Again, the cashier stalled the situation and told the perp that he couldn’t sell him cigarettes unless he showed him a driver’s license proving he was old enough for the purchase.  The manager showed up at that point and said he couldn’t refund what the robber said he was owed.  Apparently, the robber saw through the ruse at this point, grabbed a pack of smokes and bolted for the door without producing his driver’s license or paying for the cigarettes.

He was arrested a short time later, proving once again that smoking is hazardous to your well being.

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