He made a dull impression on himself…

Police in Clovis were summoned to a local Catholic church in 2006 to investigate a burglary. Near the church, they came across an inebriated man wandering in the street.

When they questioned him, he admitted he had broken into the church with a hammer and drank a large quantity of communion wine. Police also found about $100 in cash on him.

After that, his further recollection of events became a bit fuzzy. 

Police checked out the church, where they found the empty communion wine bottle and the church offertory box smashed by a hammer  — apparently the source of the cash.  Then they found the hammer apparently used in the crime near the offertory box.

At that point, one of the officers noticed a round indentation on the man’s forehead. The indentation was a perfect match of the business end of the hammer found in the church.

Maybe it felt so good when he quit hitting himself with it.


That discovery and the empty wine bottle seemed to go a long way to explain the perp’s lack of recall of events. However, it was never determined at which point the self-inflicted bash to the head was administered. And no one could explain the most important question — WHY?

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