An unbearable tale…

First the details. A man riding a moped in a long, heavy black overcoat was reported to be terrorizing the town of Tucumcari earlier this month by spraying unsuspecting citizens and their vehicles with bear spray.

The weapon of choice in recent attacks in Tucumcari

Police issued a warning to citizens after several reports of attacks by the man on the Moped. On Nov. 12, the bear spray bomber stuck again, this time spritzing a truck being driven downtown by a visitor from the small nearby town of Grady. The truck driver pursued the man, only to be sprayed by the perp when he chased him down a few blocks away . The man with the bear spray then hopped on his Moped and managed to open the passenger door of the truck where he then sprayed a woman inside. She was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Police were alerted and gave chase. The man putting along on his Moped was eventually caught by police, but during the attempted arrest, the officer was slugged as the suspect grabbed the officer’s taser. Fortunately, the disabling device was not turned on and could not be used on the officer. A good Samaritan joined the fray and helped the officer subdue the suspect.

The man has been charged with four felony counts for his assault on the officer.

Which brings me to the following questions:

  1. Why would someone be carrying bear spray in Tucumcari, where I suspect the closest bear is several hundred miles away in the Pecos Wilderness.
  2. Why would someone choose a Moped as an escape vehicle.
  3. And if your heart is intent on living a life of crime by spritzing bear spray on unsuspecting citizens, then why would you not try to be more incognito than toodling around on a wimpy Moped wearing a dark heavy overcoat in a small town? Duh, don’t you think the citizenry would quickly note your presence?

The good news is that, as far as I have been able to determine, there have been no actual bear attacks in Tucumcari recently. 

And the escape vehicle.

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