It didn’t fit holiday mood I was envisioning…

Our grandchildren from Texas are visiting for the holidays, and as usual, we are busy with entertaining them. Their choice of activities today was to take the leaves they helped me rake up from our back yard to the yard waste/compost dump. No really, they were surprisingly excited about a trip to the dump in our pickup — they had been talking it up since finishing the leaf raking activity yesterday. 

Hannah, left, and Hayes, help unload leaves at the dump.

As we drove to the dump, I was livestreaming Christmas music. On the way back, Hannah, our seven-year-old granddaughter, politely asked if she could hear “Jingle Bell Rock.” Siri found it for me it and we played it as we headed home. Then, when the song finished, the squeaky voice of our three and one-half year old grandson, Hayes, made a request. At first, I thought I had misunderstood him, so I asked him to repeat his request.

“Can you play AC/DC?” he asked again.

Yep, that hard rock group, AC/DC. To say I was surprised and amused is a vast understatement.

So Siri found a greatest hits album and we jammed on AC/DC all the way home. “TNT.” “Rock Train.” And the holiday appropriate “Hells Bells.”

He loved them all.



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