Unusual approach to hitching a ride to the airport…

A Las Cruces man wanted to go to the El Paso airport two weeks ago but became annoyed when he couldn’t find anyone to help him get there.

He came up with a unique solution, which instead of getting him to the airport, got him hauled off to jail initially and then ultimately to a hospital for mental evaluation.

What he did was set his apartment on fire, then called the Fire Department in hopes they would offer him a ride to the airport.

“Yeah, I lit it,” he confessed to the Fire Department officials who questioned him at the scene. “I couldn’t get anyone else to come out here.”

The suspect said he was trying to get back to Chicago after being in Las Cruces only five days. He claimed he was under the influence of drugs at the time of the incident and said he lit the fire with Aqua Velva after shave lotion. I’m suspecting that the pungent fumes from the 60s vintage after shave were enough to induce a drug-like reaction.

Unfortunately, his actions resulted in four other person in the same apartment complex to be forced out of their apartments right before Christmas. I fear that the next time they smell Aqua Velva, they’ll be programmed to quickly run for shelter somewhere safe.

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