Letting someone else have a turn…

I always look forward to the Albuquerque Journal’s annual Cowchip awards, published at the end of the year to document many goofy things that have happened in the state during the past 365 days. I’ve often used these stories from years past as fodder for my own blog. And I’ve also written about some of these things before they made the current year’s Cowchip list.

In case you haven’t read it, I’m enclosing a link to the list this year and hope you enjoy it. It just goes to confirm my basic premise of “Why I Love New Mexico” as the foundation for my blog.


Another one of my favorite reads at the end of the year is humorist Dave Barry’s Year in Review. It is usually published in the Albuquerque Journal, but I didn’t find it this year. However, I did find it in the Washington Post and am enclosing a link to it. Barry skewers everyone for dumb things that happened during the year — Democrats,  Republicans, government officials, corporations, do-gooders and the like are all treated with equal irreverence. I hope you’ll enjoy it and not be too offended if your political leanings or your pet projects get thrown under the bus. With all the insanity going on in our country right now, sometimes it’s good to just laugh at ourselves.


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