It wasn’t listed on Airbnb, but he left a security deposit anyway…

A Santa Fe couple on vacation last month returned to their home to discover a man who had been living in their house while they were gone.

While staying in the home for an unknown number of days, the man helped himself to food in the refrigerator and some beer. He had been sleeping in one of the home’s bedrooms. Police said he had entered the home by breaking a window.

The uninvited visitor was discovered in a back room of the house by the returning couple. Although he did not appear threatening, he was in possession of an assault-style gun.

When confronted about his presence in the home, the man apologized for the break-in and said he was running away from someone in Texas who wanted to kill him.

After gathering up his belongings and heading out of the house, the contrite visitor left $200 to pay for the window he had broken.

Police reported last week that the man had been arrested in the vicinity of the home he had broken into.

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