Better than a James Bond ride…

I’ve owned and driven BMWs for almost 50 years. I know — expensive to buy, expensive to repair and a bit obnoxious. But great to drive.

I gained a little more respect for the brand when I spotted this on the internet Monday.

It’s a story about two guys in the Ukraine who retrofitted their BMW 6 series convertible (a grand touring car) with a machine gun mounted in the trunk. It’s a similar concept to those Toyota pickups you see in the middle east where terrorists have mounted big machine guns in the bed of an otherwise docile vehicle.

In this case, the machine gun was apparently commandeered from Russians. It reportedly is the same caliber and type used on Russian tanks that are now roaming Ukraine and carrying out Putin’s attacks.

A new take on BMWs

It made me feel good to say I own a couple of BMWs. They’re doing their part to stop the Russians in Ukraine. 

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