It’s not that bad…

A story out of northern New Mexico last week reported that a man had absconded with a $150 bottle of French Champagne that he had snatched from the back of a golf cart at an upscale resort near Santa Fe. The bottle of “Beau Joie curvee Champagne” was en route to a guest at the resort when it was lifted from the unattended golf cart.

Beau Joie curvee Champagne

Pollice said they had a security camera video of a man pulling up behind the cart in his Acura, jumping out of his vehicle and then snatching the bottle and driving away quickly.

Police also said the video showed the vehicle’s license plate, which they traced to a home near Santa Fe. When they went to the home, neither the vehicle nor the suspect was around. The Champagne also was not to be seen, leaving authorities to believe it had already been consumed.

A website touting the brand of Champagne claims it is “derived from the finest grapes of Epernay, France.” As you may be able to tell from the semi-fuzzy photo above, each bottle is wrapped in a “copper suit of armor inspired by the armor worn by knights” to keep the contents chiilled longer.

Each bottle offers, as the website breathlessly claims, “supreme quality with impeccable, cutting edge design.”

I don’t think I’ve ever had a drink of anything that expensive. The closest I’ve come was bottle of wine that my wife and I shared at a dinner in the Hermitage Hotel in Nashville a few years ago. Since it was a special occasion, I thought we could splurge on some nice wine. I found a bottle that I thought was about $25 — I know, what a big spender. But what I failed to notice was that the $25 was for a single glass. A full bottle was more than $90. When we got the final tab, I realized the error of my all too cursory reading of the menu. I gulped, paid the tab, and wished I had enjoyed the wine a bit more when I was sloshing it down.

I’m always on the look for good inexpensive red wines, and there are some out there. But I’m not enough of an oenophile to do that much research.

I do confess that I’ve had a few bottles of Trader Joe’s “Two Buck Chuck” (With inflation, it’s more like “Three buck fifty-nine Chuck” these days.) It’s similar to the perceived bargain of Buckhorn Beer, which when I was in college you could buy for ninety-nine cents a six pack and hope it didn’t make you go blind.

(In)famous Two Buck Chuck

The sign above at a Trader Joe’s claims Charles Shaw wine is “World Famous for Quality at an Incredible Price.”

I’ve had many conversations with people about Two Buck Chuck. The consistent comment they all have is, “It’s not that bad.”

I hope the guy in Santa Fe who swiped the $150 bottle of Champagne had many more positive things to say about the copper clad bottle of hooch that tempted him to risk jail time.

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