New Mexico’s law allowing sale of recreational marijuana went into effect on Friday, April 1. It also coincided with April Fools Day, which I thought was kind of humorous in itself.

One enterprising New Mexico business apparently saw the connection and offered up a clever item to commemorate the event.

My daughter sent me a promotion from the Las Cruces-based Organ Mountain Outfitters that offers a T-Shirt that simply says “Weed, New Mexico.”

Yes, Weed really is a town in New Mexico, located in the Sacramento Mountains near Cloudcroft. Located at an elevation of 7,000 feet, it’s already kind of a high place.

Organ Mountain Outfitters is offering the t-shirt, shown below, for $25 each. I’ll bet they sell out of their initial supply rather quickly.

Organ Mountain Outfitters “Weed New Mexico” T-shirt

I’m not supporting the use of recreational marijuana, but I did think it was kind of funny that almost everyone engaged in the New Mexico weed frenzy seems to have forgotten we have a place in our state called Weed. 

I’ve been to Weed on several occasions, and although it’s a pretty spot, there’s not much there. However, the Organ Mountain Outfitters website notes that the town has had a post office since 1885 and that as of the latest census, 63 people call it home. 

I’m not making any money for my mention of the T-shirt, but if you want to go to the website where you can buy one (if there are any left), here it is:


This reminds me of a bright red T-shirt my good friends, the Taylors, sold a few years ago that had the image of a chile pod on the front, with the wording “Still legal in New Mexico” adjacent to it. I wore mine so much that it finally turned into a shredded rag in my garage. I’m not sure if they still have any for sale. 

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  1. Organ Mountain Outfitters is an awesome company and I hope someone forwards your blog to them. I didn’t see the WeedNM shirt but hope to get a few!

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