Wait, I thought YOU had Uncle Vern’s ashes…

Imagine that your family has agreed to meet at noon at the bridge over the Rio Grande on Central in Albuquerque to gently toss the ashes of your beloved Uncle Vern into the turgid waters below.

Everyone shows up, including Cousin Louie, who was charged with picking up the urn of ashes from the mortuary and bringing them to the solemn event. Louie’s 1984 Nova, however, wouldn’t start that morning, so he had to take the city bus from his apartment near Osuna to Central, then on Rapid Ride to the closest drop off point near the river.

Hello Vern, are you in there???

When Louie arrives, Aunt Lola notices that he isn’t carrying the expensive urn of ashes that he was supposed to bring. 

After some pointed questioning, Louie admits that in the frantic effort to make it on time to the ceremony, he might have accidentally left Vern at the bus stop on Osuna.

Now the story above may or not be true, but it makes one wonder why an urn used for ashes from a crematorium or funeral home got left behind at a bus stop.

Police in Albuquerque reported last week that city maintenance crews found the urn near bus stop #6594 in the northwest party of the city. They have issued a notice for anyone missing the urn to contact them to reclaim it.

It has not been confirmed that the contents of the urn actually contain charred human remains.

“No one looked inside since it could be considered bio waste,” a police spokeswoman said.

I’m sure Vern wouldn’t want to have been considered “bio waste.”

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