Does anyone outside the Beltway or west of the Hudson know anything about us???

Another incredible gaffe showing why New Mexico is always going to provide fodder for the “One of Our 50 Is Missing” column in the New Mexico Magazine.

Well duh, someone wasn’t paying attention

Yep, that Arizona’s name plastered over our beloved state on the national ABC Good Morning America broadcast. So who’s that state to the west of us? I and I wonder how Colorado and Texas now feel about having Arizona bumping up against them.

I mean really, did these people flunk or not even take a geography class?

To be honest, I doubt that Fox, CBS or NBC is even sure where we are. For years the networks confused our late Sen. Pete Domenici with Arizona’s Senator Dennis Deconcini, even though Pete had a longer and much more distinguished career. I once found a kitchen magnet in the shape of New Mexico with a saguaro cactus on it with the words “Arizona” emblazoned on it. If you’re a New Mexico resident, you’ve probably had similar experiences over the years.

I point you to an earlier blog I wrote asking whether New Mexico’s continued ranking at or near the bottom of most measurements of a state’s progress might somehow be tied to our name.

Here’s the link if you want to read it again (or maybe for the first time).

My hypothesis in the blog is that New Mexico’s name is always going to tie us in many people’s mind to our poorer neighbor to the south and as a result, not expect us to be very important. We certainly weren’t very important in the mind of the ABC cartographer.

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