This probably won’t work…

At my temporary job as an election clerk for the November general election, I’ve been tasked with doing same day voter registrations. We don’t expect many of them — at least at my polling site — but we do have to follow specific procedures in order to register someone on the same day.

Me at my same day voter registration desk at the Mesilla Town Hall polling station

One of our primary conditions for approving a same day voter registration request is confirmation of a local address within Dona Ana County.

Two Sundays ago, a homeless man named Keith came to our church and sat in on the service. He even put five pennies in our collection plate and asked for a copy of the Bible, which I gave him.  I noticed last Sunday that he had signed our guest book. I’ve edited out his last name, phone number and information about a previous guest. Our homeless guest, listed his address simply as “under the bridge,” apparently meaning the bridge on I-10 over South Main adjacent to our church.

Entry in our guest book

I doubt this would qualify as an approved local address, so Keith probably wouldn’t be able to register to vote.  He did, however, seem to have a phone with an area code (575) number, which is proper for Dona Ana County. And I noticed that his home church is “open.” 

He seemed like an intelligent, decent guy — much easier to deal with than previous homeless people I’ve written about who have appeared at our church. It just makes one wonder what led up to his current situation.  I hope that some day his address will be more permanent than “under the bridge” and that he can register to vote if he wishes.  

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