Just send numbers for your bank account, credit card and Social Security and they’ll split the $9.87 million with you…

My wife received a letter last week from a law firm claiming to be from Toronto, Canada, saying it had discovered an unclaimed $9.87 million life insurance policy. And guess what, my wife might be entitled to it since she has a long-lost relative named Adrianna Lamb who “died in an accident” in Montreal. Never mind that my wife’s maiden name was not “Lamb.”

But since the unclaimed policy is in Canada, the letter stipulates that my wife would need to partner up with the law firm and when the policy is paid out, split 90 percent between her and the lawyer and give the remaining 10 percent “among charity organizations.”

“This is 100% risk free; I do have all necessary documentation to expedite the process in a highly professional and confidential manner,” attorney Glen M. Roy claims in his letter.

Yeah, you bet.

I looked online and, as you might suspect, I could not find a “Norman, Michael and Glen Law Firm” anywhere in Canada.

Upon further investigation, I ran across a story from a television station in Raleigh, NC, that said one of their viewers had received a similar letter. Their investigation found no evidence of such a law firm and when a reporter called a number listed on the letter, a person answered the phone and nervously said “call me back in an hour.” When the reporter called back in an hour, a recording said that an answering system had not been set up.” Repeated calls over the next few days resulted in the same non-response.

The television station also discovered that a similar letter had showed up in Louisiana.

” The Louisiana State Bar Association¬†says when the origins of the letter were investigated, it appeared to be a phishing scam aimed at getting personal information,” the TV story said.

So sorry, Margo, you won’t be able to buy that ranch in Montana or a Learjet. But if you’ll just give me your credit card number, I can get some new fly fishing equipment.

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