Waiting for Nicholas Cage to appear…

On our morning walk with our dog last week, I came across this odd posting in a concrete culvert that is part of our local irrigation canal network.

“NIC WAS HERE” and what appears to be a photograph of actor Nicholas Cage

It appears to suggest that actor Nicholas Cage was somewhere in our neighborhood and posted a picture of himself on the concrete wall of the irrigation ditch box. The picture was attached to the concrete with what appeared to be black electrical tape. A closeup is below. 

Closeup of the photograph taped on the concrete wall

We’ve found weird things in our neighborhood in the past, some of which I’ve written about in this blog. There was an abandoned pair of serviceable cowboy boots along an irrigation ditch beside a rock wall about three years ago. That same year, there was a 1977 Camaro that had been stripped in broad daylight in a field just off a busy road. We’ve found a sea of sparkling glitter along another section of the ditch road. 

Those might be explained fairly easily. This one, however, is not so easy to decipher. As far as I know, Cage has never been to Las Cruces to film a movie. He might have passed through on Interstate 10 on his way from somewhere down south to Hollywood, but I really doubt he stopped long enough to post pictures of himself around town — especially in an irrigation ditch. 

I Googled “Nicholas Cage in Las Cruces, NM,” but got nothing.

I did check to see if he has filmed anything in New Mexico and came across a May 2018 article in the Albuquerque Business First publication saying he was scheduled to film a movie entitled “Running with the Devil” in the Albuquerque area later that year. The movie, released in 2019, co-starred Laurence Fishburne in a plot involving a drug smuggling operation. 

If he somehow snuck down here to post his picture and graffiti tag an irrigation ditch box at that time, I doubt it would have survived almost four years of harsh weather. My wife said she and our son had spotted the “posting” on the ditch box around Christmas, so it’s weathered a few rainstorms since then.

I am at a loss about what to think about this. Is it the work of a deranged stalker fan who wishes Cage would actually come here? Is Cage just trying to randomly goof on people in Las Cruces.? Was he the guy who left his cowboy boots on the irrigation ditch road a couple of years back and is now wanting them back?

I’ll leave this for you, dear readers, to offer a suggestion. 


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