Smelling your way around the USA…

I’m sure many of you saw recent news accounts that the New Mexico Legislature is considering legislation to make the scent of roasting green chile the state’s “official aroma.”

My first response is a big thank you to the lawmakers for giving me a wonderful topic for my blog.

My second response is amusement about how these proposals get hatched. If you’ll recall, New Mexico got national attention when it passed legislation declaring “Red or Green” the official state question. And of course, we have the bolo tie as the official state neckwear (even though Arizona also claims this sartorial appendage as its own official state necktie).

Me, roasting chile last fall with my own hand-cranked roaster and enjoying the smell.

At the time of this writing, I’m not sure how far this important piece of legislation has moved through the Legislature. I’m sure it’s getting as much attention as a bill which prohibits senators and representatives from consuming alcohol during important voting events during the session (yes, another post will be issued soon on that — again, thank you New Mexico Legislature for giving me great fodder for my blog.)

But here’s the question. If each state has their own “official aroma,” what would that be? A few are obvious:

  • Nebraska — Feedlot odors
  • Texas — Crude oil vapors
  • Arizona or Florida — Airborne notes of analgesic smeared on aging human joints
  • Nevada — Casino cigarette smoke
  • Maine — Various sea odors mixed with indistinct lobster smells
  • Oregon or Colorado — Marijuana smoke wafting through the air
  • Kentucky — Thoroughbred horse manure

I’m sure you have your own suggestions. I’d be glad to post them if you send them to me. In the meantime, enjoy what you’re smelling. But I hope whatever it is doesn’t trigger a sneezing attack like I’ve had the last couple of days from cedar and juniper pollen.

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