Ends and odds…

As usual, New Mexico has been hijacked again.

With the kerfuffle surrounding the New Mexico State University basketball team this week, NBC and its various offshoots seem to have grabbed the wrong name and the wrong video when attempting to link the incident to the correct school.

Much to the chagrin of Lobo fans, the University of New Mexico’s name showed up in bottom-screen crawlers during TV newsfeeds about the incident. Then to add insult to injury, a video of Lobo players and the UNM basketball court showed up in stories the NBC group was proffering on its newscasts.

I’ll bet NBC never gets Michigan and Michigan State or Florida and Florida State mixed up when they do stories about those universities.

But as a UNM graduate but a converted Aggie fan, I’m okay that we stay under the radar as much as possible on this one.

And then last week I got the following in the mail from Progressive insurance.

Yeps that’s a saguaro cactus right next to the words “Land of Enchantment.” And no, Progressive, saguaros do not grow naturally in New Mexico. A green chile pod might have been a better icon.

As I think I mentioned before, I have found two saguaro cacti growing in Las Cruces, both transplanted very close to heat absorbing southwest facing adobe walls. One of those is below.

A transplanted but stunted saguaro next to a warm southwest facing adobe wall in our neighborhood.

And finally, not related to our misplaced state, but to another rant I’ve made about the dearth of proofreaders.

Our ever watchful, detail oriented good friend Cheryl spotted this in a story about Lee Trevino in Golf Digest, a major publication about the sport. Here’s how the article quoted him:

“At the age of 22 I got out of the Marine Core.”

Beyond the lame use of Core for Corps, the quote should have had a comma after “22.” We must fight back against the impending death of the English language.

And for Pete’s sake, the Oxford comma is just dead wrong. Read Eats Shoots and Leaves Lynn Truss.

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