A fast food joint was “where the money is…”

Notorious American criminal Willie Sutton, who managed to steal more than $2 million in his lifetime, was once asked why he consistently robbed banks.

“Because that’s where the money is,” he replied in an obvious statement of fact.

Willie Sutton, who spent more than half his life in jail while still managing to steal more than $2 million in bank robberies and escape from prison three times.

So when the banks aren’t open, what do you do if youre in need of a cash stash?

Last month, police in Las Cruces arrested a man who apparently figured out an alternative.

The suspect robbed a Subway fast food joint, saying he needed the money to pay for a motel room. He casually walked into the facility, tossed a bag to the casher and told her, “You know what to do” while brandishing a pistol.

He fled the scene with his bag of money and police were quickly alerted. Once his getaway car was spotted, a chase ensued but ended abruptly when he crashed into a KFC franchise in another part of town.

Police also questioned the man about his motive for robbing a fast food restaurant.

He replied that it was Sunday and “banks weren’t open.” The next best alternative? A nearby fast food franchise.

It was a bad outcome for two fast food franchises in town that Sunday, but I’m sure the local banks were glad they were not on a seven day per week schedule.

And just like Willie Sutton when asked about where to get money, the suspect was simply stating the obvious.

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