Why midnight snacking is bad…

Earlier this week, a Las Cruces man sleeping in his home heard someone open his bedroom door. An intruder peeked in, saw the sleeping man wake up and then bolted out of the house. The intruder’s exit from the scene of the crime, however, was slowed by the fact that he was carrying two roasts, a bottle of Gatorade and a can of soda that he had stolen from the man’s refrigerator before awaking him. With the perpetrator stumbling into the yard while trying to retain his loot, the homeowner was able to tackle and subdue the suspect until police arrived to make the arrest. It’s not known if police had to keep the two roasts and the drinks as evidence, but hopefully they were eventually returned to the owner’s refrigerator. The moral of the story may be to consider locks on your refrigerator door or, for others, making sure you’re in the right house if you’re rooting around for a midnight snack.

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