Maybe he should have just used a telescope to peep in a bedroom window…

Sunspot, located high in the Sacramento Mountains of southern New Mexico, is a high-tech research site shared by several scientific agencies to study the sun. It employs large telescopes, aided by banks of powerful computers that focus on the sun to study sunspots, the corona and surface of our sun.

Two years ago, the site was suddenly shut down by government officials. When the overnight shut-down was discovered, conspiracy theories — acting like exploding solar flares from the surface of the sun– began exploding through the internet.

Had aliens finally been discovered by one of the telescopes? Had researchers discovered a top secret military operation somewhere in space? Had sensitive data been suddenly been spirited out of the facility to Russian spies disguised as Texan tourists lunching at the local barbecue joint in nearby Cloudcroft? Was a giant vat of mercury or other toxic material spilled at the facility? The speculation went on for days and became more highly charged as government officials remained mum. Was something going on that could be a threat to our very existence?

Well, no, it was much more mundane. It seems the son of one of the janitors working at the facility had nicked one of his father’s access keys and let himself into one of the offices. Once inside, he entertained himself by looking at porn websites on an official computer, apparently hoping not to get caught by mom or dad if he took a look on the home computer. Authorities had shut down the facility when they discovered the security breach.

While the sites he looked at were not revealed, we can pretty much conclude that he wasn’t looking at celestial bodies.

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