They must be from New Mexico — they stand outside in a storm to watch it rain…

Right on cue with St. Swithin’s Day (see previous blog), we got a nice thundershower yesterday afternoon that dropped almost one-third of an inch of rain on us. Hopefully, it’s the beginning of our monsoon season in New Mexico. It was an especially typical rainstorm for New Mexico, with full sunshine streaming down along with the rain.

Out our front window, during the storm, I could see a gaggle of kids and one adult (and just one umbrella) splashing around in puddles in the street that the rain had left. When we get only an average of seven and one-half inches of rain a year, every drop is precious and appreciated. Let’s hope St. Swithin’s forecasting legend is accurate.

Chester, our dog, inspecting the puddle in our driveway left by yesterday’s rain. Yes, the sun is out and by the dimples in the puddle, you can tell it’s raining.
A rainbow, a parting gift from the storm,

4 thoughts on “They must be from New Mexico — they stand outside in a storm to watch it rain…

  1. I really enjoyed your story about St. Swithin’s Day. I often heard your mother talk about it but did not know much about the special day. Glad it rained!!


    1. it’s a holiday observed in england honoring st. swithin, the patron saint of winchester cathedral. there is a legend that if it rains on his feast day, july 15, there will be rain for the next 40 days.


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