Wow! How’d you get a shine like that on the hood of your car?

Several years ago, before there was an explosion of social media in which people began posting really incriminating things on their Facebook page, a police officer somewhere in northern New Mexico accidentally captured a truly memorable moment on video.

It seems the officer, hopefully just off duty but still dressed in full official police uniform and necessary accouterments, met up with a girlfriend for an outdoor tryst somewhere where he thought they wouldn’t be spotted. He apparently forgot to turn off the dash cam in the police unit in his rush to satiate his lust. So the camera rolled on.

Not wanting to risk a tangle with an adjacent tumbleweed or unexpected stings resulting from being too close to a nearby ant hill, the officer and his companion decided to have their encounter on the hood of the police cruiser. And the camera rolled on while the swirling actions produced an exceptional polish on the hood.

What was most interesting about the video (I can’t recall how it was eventually revealed to the public) was that during the entire incident, a Chihuahua wandered around in the background, stopping occasionally to observe the activity on the car hood, apparently indifferent to the gyrations and moans nearby. And the camera rolled on.

As you might suspect, the officer lost his job when the video was discovered, but any corroborating evidence that the Chihuahua might have offered was never revealed. It’s why your dog is always your best friend.

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