Darwin “Lite” awards. We have a nominee…

If you’re not familiar with the Darwin Awards, you should take the time to look at the website https://darwinawards.com/, which gives you details about incredibly dumb things people have done that ultimately result in their elimination from the gene pool. The theory, like Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, is that the really bad genes of any species get eliminated over time for lack of adaptability or, in humanity’s case, for just plain being dumb.

The Darwin Awards always end with someone’s death after doing something stupid. But I contend there is a second tier of awards that should be given to individuals who do not die, but still do something that destroys notion that we are all born with common sense. The incidents often start with some comment like: “Hey guys, hold my beer and watch this…”

But it doesn’t even have to involve serious injury. Take, for example, a story that a friend told me about a bank transaction in Las Cruces that left everyone scratching their head.

A young man, intent on conducting a safe-distancing bank robbery, rolled up to a drive-up window and inserted a note in the canister demanding all the cash in a teller’s drawer. The plucky teller, acting in a professional manner, responded to the man’s demand note by saying he would have to show some form of ID to complete the “transaction.” He complied by submitting his driver’s license.

Apparently after waiting patiently for too long, he finally became agitated when he got neither the cash, nor his driver’s license back. But he didn’t get far before police swooped in to arrest him. His net take was a pair of handcuffs and a ride in a police car to jail.

In my mind, this type of behavior needs to be recorded and reported as “Darwin Lite” incidents, and it is my intent to share these periodically in this blog. Not surprisingly, there are lots and lots of examples from which to choose. If you have any that you know about, please share them with me and I will embellish them as necessary “:^) to make certain they are award worthy. You’ll be given full credit and know that you have contributed something truly worthy to the edification and entertainment of followers.

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