Maybe it was the red beard that gave her away…

Last week, police in Roswell apprehended a California man on charges of kidnapping, robbery and carjacking. Taken to the police station to face further questioning, the suspect — wearing a blue jumpsuit from the Chaves County detention center — managed to break free from officers and run away.

About two hours after the escape, police issued an alert saying the suspect had been spotted on a security camera no longer wearing the blue prison jumpsuit, but a red skirt and a colorful scarf on his head. In addition, he was carrying a pink purse.

Suspect Austin Medford caught on security camera. Note the red skirt.

A photo of the suspect in the Albuquerque Journal shows him sporting a mop haircut and a distinctive red beard.

Suspect Austin Medford

At the time of this posting, the suspect is still at large, apparently still making a fashion statement in Roswell.

4 thoughts on “Maybe it was the red beard that gave her away…

  1. When you write the sequel to this episode, gve this upstanding rock and roll historian the non de fugitif ‘Lola’!
    He may be a cretin in most respects, but this guy is surely inspired by/knocking off the Kinks’ 1970’s hit of the same name…

    Girls will be boys, and boys will be girls
    It’s a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world
    Except for Lola
    Lo lo lo lo Lola

    Who’s going to see the beard? A pink mask to complement the purse…nice touch. The next addition to her rap sheet will be soliciting


  2. Austin looks awesome! I wish I had gone through High School with him Cigarette 🚬 🍺🔥…. do you remember when Tyler met Robbin’ the Hood? I love that story.


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