No wonder New Mexico is always at the top of those “worst” lists…

In this morning’s newspaper, there is only one sporting event listed on TV, which makes sense since it’s the day before Christmas and most people have many more important things to do.

And what is that event? Well, it’s the New Mexico Bowl. Only it isn’t being played in New Mexico. It’s being played in Frisco, Texas, because of COVID-19 restrictions.

So instead of filler footage of beautiful New Mexico sunsets, mountains, deserts and architecture during the game, we’ll see an empty stadium somewhere in Texas.

The game between the Illinois Institute for the Severely Indecisive and the Wyoming School for the Humor Impaired will probably be a real yawner. (Okay, I made that up, the actual teams are Hawaii and Houston — Maybe they should have called it the “H and H” Bowl.)

I just think there was a better way this could have been handled. It makes New Mexico look like we don’t even know where we live.

So now, we’ll end up at the top of the list of “Dumbest Bowl Games Ever.” Right next to the “Buster’s Plumbing Toilet Bowl.”

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