I really don’t make up this stuff…

A story in this week’s Albuquerque Journal reports that a search is underway for two suspects who flubbed an armed robbery attempt at a bank on the city’s west side.

It seems one of the suspects, wearing the required COVID-19 face mask, entered the bank just before closing ostensibly to cash a check, but with more sinister motives in mind. For some reason, he was told to take his transaction outside to the drive-up window.

So he scuttled outside, walked up to the drive-up window and presented the teller with a note demanding money. The teller, safely protected by bullet-proof glass, steel and concrete, confidently told him no dice. Apparently flummoxed from his failure to think things through, he ran to a waiting car driven by another suspect and sped off.

I think these guys might also qualify for the Darwin Award. However, there are so many of these unbelievably dumb things that occur in New Mexico that I’m thinking of creating an award just for our state to recognize them. I’m thinking about who the award should be named for, so I would appreciate your thoughts on possible candidates.

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