The game is afoot — or at least the boots are…

About two weeks ago, I wrote about a mysterious pair of abandoned cowboy boots left in plain sight on our walk along one of the many irrigation ditches that meander through our rural/urban neighborhood. The boots were well worn, but could have been saved with a new sole.

I pondered all kinds of theories on how they got there, who owned them, and whether there was something more sinister in their appearance. I also wondered what might eventually become of them.

Well, as of a few days ago, they disappeared, just as mysteriously as they had appeared.

There was little evidence of what might have happened to them. There were some racoon tracks nearby and a couple of dog prints — possibly left by our own curious pooch, Chester.

Now I’m going to offer several theories about their disappearance.

One is that someone read my blog and decided to go claim them with hopes of renewing the boots. I really don’t believe that, since the number of people who actually read my blog can be counted on one hand most days. And of course that number is inflated by my family who feel they must read this drivel just to humor me.

The other, that I truly want to believe, is that whoever left them there was trying to hide evidence from a crime scene. I never looked at the soles of the boots to see if they had traces of blood, but perhaps whoever owned them feared that might be the evidence that would do him or her in (assuming she had a large foot size.)

Or the most likely story is that an unsupervised dog needed a new chew toy and scampered away with both of the boots in its mouth for days of endless entertainment.

But then, there are the racoon tracks to consider. Perhaps the boots are now stashed under a nearby pile of pecan branches, serving as a cozy home for a litter of tiny baby racoons ready to terrorize the neighborhood.

As always, your theories are appreciated.

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