It was like a scene from a National Lampoon movie…

Albuquerque has become a hotspot for local criminals to prey on travelers along Interstate 40 who stop in the city overnight on their way to or from some out-of-state destination. Many cars have been broken into at local motels and some vehicles have been stolen outright.

The materials swiped from the cars is usually pawned and the stolen vehicles taken to a chop shop to be dismantled for parts that can never be traced.

Well about three years ago, some thieves got way more than they bargained for when they confiscated a Ford F-150 and the U-Haul trailer attached to it from a motel along the Interstate.

The truck/trailer combo was apparently pulling the last remaining possession of Grandma back home where they would be sold by relatives in a yard sale at some date in the future. And, oh yes, Grandma’s embalmed corpse wrapped in a blanket was in the trailer as well, no doubt being transported back home to be placed in a family burial plot.

U-Haul 4X8 Trailer
Is Gramdma in here?

When the thieves who had swiped the truck opened the bonus U-Haul trailer to discover the booty inside, they were greeted by an unusual smell of embalming fluid. Upon discovering the source of the smell, they immediately decided to dump the truck and trailer.

In their haste to get rid of the truck at a discreet location, they managed to smash it up in a traffic accident. Although they tried to get away, police caught the suspects. When questioned about the body inside the trailer, they claimed to have no knowledge of how it got there.

Maybe to avoid this scenario in the future, motorists pulling trailers and stopping in Albuquerque should just paint “Dead Body Inside” on the side of their U-Haul.

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