Was it crow they ate?

At a New Mexico Department of Health holiday gathering four years ago, many of the 200 people who attended the Santa Fe event contracted food poisoning from eating the tapas served to them at the festive event.

It turns out the event was catered by a woman who did not hold a license to cater events for more than 25 people, even though the department which scheduled her was responsible for licensing businesses which provide catered food services.

Selling burritos out of the back of her Honda Accord to workers at construction sites was probably okay (maybe a bit risky for those eating them), but serving at large gatherings was definitely taboo.

Angered at not being told she had to be licensed to serve at such events, she promptly sued the state for leading her into a life of crime. I don’t recall hearing about the final disposition of the lawsuit, but I’m certain the state agency has become much more circumspect about selecting caterers for such events. And hopefully, the woman hasn’t changed the name of her catering company to Tillie’s Ptomaine Tapas.

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